Track time

People look at their smartphones every 8 minutes, about 120 times a day. SaveMyTime is taking advantage of this habit.
Every couple unlocks SaveMyTime will ask what have you been doing.

Customize names of your activities


Set productivity level for each activity


Turn tracking off when you don't need it

Get customized insights

SaveMyTime handles analysis and provides you with information how you spend time and what is your productivity level.

Check your work-life balance index in short and long term


Learn how much time you spend on work or sleep


Set how often lockscreen should be replaced


About Us

SaveMyTime was founded by two friends and productivity freaks Adam and Paweł in the summer of 2015. SaveMyTime started out as an afterhours project. We wanted to build a simple tool to eliminate hustle out of time tracking. After a year in closed beta with almost 200 testers we lauched in September 2016 on ProductHunt and became one of the most upvoted time trackers.


Adam Janczewski

Adam Janczewski

Business & Marketing

adam at savemytime.co

Paweł Majda

Paweł Majda

Product & Technology

pawel at savemytime.co


Nicolai Weitkemper - German translation

Join Us

We are looking for Android Developer to join our team. Interested in making big impact in productivity space? Just drop us a line at hello@savemytime.co to learn more :)